ASTRIE’S EXCLUSIVE DESIGN ‘Old Couture Indonesia Heritage’ 2013

Salam All,

Here my Exclusive Creations for Indonesia and the whole world !!

i love to put Batik in each design, to show how actually this pattern can looks elegant with all combinations. all of the design i made is limited editions, as i only made one piece for one design ^^

Enjoy the rest picture for detail in  –>  ASTRIE COUTURE INDONESIA 2013..


1470249_1382041365373259_440642483_n 1470280_1382039188706810_1897158510_n 1000247_1382037498706979_534556880_n 1002014_1382040515373344_103635468_n 1425650_1382042242039838_263203059_n 1461303_1381986805378715_1505865421_n 1455999_1381992152044847_1681291358_n 1472035_1381988248711904_1356060043_n 1395852_1381989358711793_305028065_n 1453271_1382006118710117_1264267036_n 1468777_1381995595377836_80675402_n 1424395_1381994512044611_180014487_n 1391763_1381993458711383_205849352_n 1455087_1381991342044928_1643823670_n 1395972_1382007795376616_1702226605_n 74950_1382047415372654_1864596680_n 1468495_1382048952039167_113972717_n

For more questions you can send it to

Photographer : Jarwo

Models : Astrie’s Model

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